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 In the pool directive documentation we can read :
 "When a pool source is unreachable, marked as a falseticker, or has a
distance larger than the limit set by themaxdistance directive,
chronyd will try to replace the source with a newly resolved address
from the pool."

 I have a dead server in a pool and it was removed from the DNS
round-robin, but chrony still lists it in "chrony sources" output.
It's clearly identified as unresponsive though (ntp04):
$ chronyc sources
210 Number of sources = 4
MS Name/IP address         Stratum Poll Reach LastRx Last sample
^- ntp03           2   8   377    64   +248us[ +248us] +/-   10ms
^* ntp01           2   8   377   158    +17us[  +28us] +/- 1633us
^- ntp02           2   8   377    36    -36us[  -36us] +/-   12ms
^? ntp04           2  10     0   31h  -7955us[ -248us] +/-   14ms

(ntp04 is dead since 48h now and DNS RR was updated since, DNS
resolver cache was correctly cleard)

 In what case exactly (and when), does chrony is supposed to refresh
the list of IPs in a defined pool ?


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