Re: [chrony-users] What does chronyc report when synchronization is not working?

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On Mon, May 13, 2019 at 05:30:33PM -0700, Watson Ladd wrote:
> Dear users,
> I'm looking at the chronyc documentation, but I cannot figure out what
> chronyc reports if synchronization is not happening (say because
> sanity checks failed, or the network is down). What is the most
> convenient way to determine this via chronyc?

The reference time in chronyc tracking is not changing when there are
no clock updates. But it's normal to not update the clock on each poll
of the selected source due to filtering and other reasons.

If the network is down, the reachability in chronyc sources will be 0.

If the network is overloaded, there will be zero(es) in the ABC tests
in chronyc ntpdata.

If the source selection failed, there will be no source marked with
'*' in chronyc sources.

For monitoring the maximum error of the clock there are root delay and
dispersion in chronyc tracking. Specify a threshold for what is
not acceptable and trigger an alarm if they reach that value.

Miroslav Lichvar

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