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Dear all,

I'm trying to compare the performance of ntpd and chronyd in our
environment but am running into a snag. Our first thought was to look
at the offset measurements taken by each, but they don't seem to be
directly comparable: chronyd's are "spiky" while ntpd's are much
flatter. I wonder if there is internal smoothing in ntpd that isn't in
chrony. The kernel loop variables also behave differently, again
making comparison meaningless.

Is there a source I can look at for how to do such a comparison and
what statistics should be gathered to monitor timekeeping quality?
Ideally we would not need a GPS slaved machine to do the monitoring
and comparison, but methods that assume such a machine might also be
of interest if there is no other way to obtain the information.
Currently we are thinking of ntpd with the statistics command on on a
third machine, but don't really know how we would process the results.

Watson Ladd

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