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I am using a GPS reference clock with chrony (on a Debian 8 Jessie system).  Occasionally  the system time jumps way into the future and can screw up applications that are sleeping or waiting based on wall system time.

I have been using `maxstep 1 -1`, assuming that the GPS time is always correct and steps should always be made if out by more than 1 second.

That might be too extreme, so I want to only step in the first few updates, as suggested by the docs.

The docs suggest `maxstep 0.1 3`, which would step if the error is greater than 100ms for the first 3 (or updates).

That sounds ok, but every other example of `makestep` int the docs uses `maxstep 1.0 3` (i.e. 1 second, not 100ms).  So is the 0.1 example a typo or is it intended.

In summary, would it be recommended to use `makestep 0.1 3` or `makestep 1.0 3` when using chrony with GPS source (btw, it's the only source.  no ntp servers are used).

Thanks, Brendan.

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