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Dear group,

Will you be able to help me finding answers to below 3 questions?

1. It has been mentioned in manual and this mailing list that NAT can be a problem with software based interleaved mode, which is clear to me. But is it still ok to add "xleave" option for clients which may be potentially NAT'd as in the worst case basic mode will be used? So while having Chrony as server and clients in own network there is no risk of interleaved mode usage as it can be only a pure benefit? 2. Would you still advise to use stronger MAC for example 256 bit SHA512 for server auth with interleaved mode and frequent polling? I am asking in context of aprox 500-1000 clients... can SHA512 computation may become an obstacle here? 3. Is there any sense of not deacrasing minpoll/maxpoll values with interleaved mode to let Chrony managing it, which can lead to rare 2^10 polls? Or that will be actually negation of interleaved mode usage?

Thanks in advance

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