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On 1/7/19 10:53 AM, Bill Unruh wrote:
> For a few 10s of dollars you can hook up a gps/pps to your hadware and
> have it
> discipline the base system clock (not the VM clocks) to better than 10musec
> (and sometimes better than 1musec). You just need an interrupt line (eg a
> serial or parallel port, although those ae becoming really rare these
> days).
> Networks always have the problem that there can be delays in the networks
> (including your hardware's network card through things like ammalgamation).

For what it's worth, I got a Time Machines cheapo GPS-based time server.
 The TCP/IP stack is fragile, so I isolated the device on its own VLAN,
and had a couple of edge servers sync with it over Ethernet.  Coupled
with subscribing to a couple of Stratum 1 servers, I have a very
accurate clock, as verified with WWVH.

The edge servers provide routing, DHCP, NTP, and SSH access for
maintenance, so the only interference would be if I get hit with a
packet storm.

The other option is to have a couple of dedicated Stratum 2 servers
synced to the GPS box and network Stratum-1 service.  But I don't need
the precision that OP is looking for.

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