[chrony-users] Best way to synchronize dispersed VM’s

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I have some legacy VM’s/ instances dispersed around the world currently using npt and pool.ntp.org.

I have been updating them and using chrony now, so far all good.

Now I created a server, 94.16..116.82 (Germany) and start to use it on all my instances around the globe from Asia to USA, it works but here is were I have some doubts.

- when using pool.ntp.org the server use the closest one based on its location, so a server in Singapore will have less latency pulling from a server in Asia than o one from Germany, same for a server in USA, they all will be let’s say “on time” but between them the offsets will differ and what I would like to have is rather than being on time to be as synchronized as possible, therefore wondering if by using a own server for all the infrastructure despite the network latency is the way to go?  (All my instances using my server now have stratum 3)

- currently I have only one server but in the case I of having 2 just for example purposes, let’s say Germany and in USA, they have a stratum 2 and using  pool.ntp.org, the VM’s using the USA server will differ from the once using the server in Germany, so question here is how to synchronize the “master” servers , I was thinking on using in both the same source, for example a own stratum 1 server.

At the end my goal is to have all instances well synchronize hopefully will the smallest possible offset, being on time is important but not as much as being almost identically in sync.

Thanks in advance 


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