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I am essentially re-asking a question I posted to this list in early
2016 but never got a response I could understand, let alone implement.

My system is a legacy Linux 2.6.10 embedded system.  There is no
/dev/pps* support in that kernel.

In my system there is no Internet access. I have a GPS device and a high
quality reference clock, call it C.  At power up, I can sync C from the
GPS.  GPS then goes away, my system is underwater for hours/days.

Clock C outputs a 'seconds-since-the-epoch string', call it S, if/when I
send it a 'request for time'.  This two-ways comms is via serial
(rs232). The transmission of S by C happens when C's next PPS signal
fires. That PPS signal is also available to me as a GPIO pin which is
configured to produce a system interrupt.

I also have a cheap timer crystal, 32Khz, that serves as the default
'Linux system clock'.  It is wildly inaccurate, and will slow
dramatically as my local water temperature changes (deeper water, lower
temperature).  C is temperature compensated.

As you can imagine, I want to keep my Linux system time in line with,
i.e. disciplined from. my reference clock C.

Can chronyc do this?  Do I have the appropriate set up for this to work?
 I must admit that all the talk of 'ref clocks' and 'locking' confuses
me no end.  I have NO idea what my .conf file would look like.

Any help very gratefully appreciated.  Apologies for the sparse details.


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