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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll compile 2.4 on a test box and give it a try.

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On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 07:36:45PM +0000, McDonald, Isaac wrote:
> That makes perfect sense. Seeing as how I'm more interested in how 
> many clients are connecting as opposed to what their IP addresses are 
> I'm going to hold off on increasing clientloglimit.
> Is there functionality available to report on the number of unique NTP 
> clients? If not, where can I submit a feature request?

That depends on what exactly you mean by unique NTP clients. A lot of public
NTP traffic is from ntpdate, which is running periodically, e.g. from cron.
This creates a large group of clients that are switching randomly between
servers and if the pool zone has many servers, the interval between requests
to the same server may be very long.

The question is for how long should chronyd be able to keep the addresses in
memory to still consider them as active and what is the clientloglimit value
that will allow that. It depends on the incoming packet rate.

If you wanted to count clients that make at least one request per day, you
would need to make sure most addresses in the client log are not dropped
before that. You could monitor the average "Last" value in the list of
clients. Then you would count the clients that have "Last"
smaller than one day. With the new -c option in chrony-2.4, this could be a
simple awk script:

chronyc -c clients | awk -F , '{ if ($6 < 24 * 3600) c++ } END { print c }'

Miroslav Lichvar

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