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Am 10.03.2016 um 18:27 schrieb Olivier Delbeke:
> Hi Henrik,

> I'm just a chrony user, but I would say that, in your case, you should
> address the root cause of the problem :
>>> Sometimes when the GPS has no fix the GPS-Time received by chrony
> through SHM is off by several years.
> GPS-sensors normally do not behave like that. They either don't provide
> a time, or provide a correct one. You should probably fix the software
> that provides that erroneous GPS time (if possible).
> Best regards,
> Olivier

I agree. However I would strongly prefer sticking with packages in the
standard repository.
When I display the GPS in "no fix state" using gpsmon. There is no time
indicated. This seems correct.
However chrony reads a grossly incorrect date from shared memory. That
might be a bug in gpsd or chrony. So fixing it would probably involve
compiling or using non-repository packages of some sort.
If I can work around this issue by configuring chrony in the way
described in my previous mail, that would be my first choice.

Cheers Henrik

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