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On Fri, Mar 04, 2016 at 06:32:18AM -0600, Nathan wrote:
> You're right about me only having looked at TCP (my bad), but still nothing:
> *****
> sudo ss -pan | grep chron
> u_dgr  ESTAB      0      0         * 140105                * 0
>           users:(("chronyd",pid=5721,fd=0))
> u_dgr  ESTAB      0      0      /var/run/chrony/chronyd.sock 140112
>             * 0                   users:(("chronyd",pid=5721,fd=6))
> *****
> My firewall allows everything from the internal network.
> Kind of interesting to see that nothing is listening via UDP on my
> headless server, not even systemd-resolved (like on my desktop) or
> systemd-networked (systemd-network on my desktop).

That's odd. If the socket() or bind() system call failed, chronyd
would loudly complain, so I assume the sockets are somewhere, but they
are not visible. Any chance chronyd has a separate network namespace
(e.g. PrivateNetwork=True set in the chronyd unit file)?

If you start chronyd manually in the shell and try "chronyc -h tracking", does it print anything?

Miroslav Lichvar

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