[chrony-users] chrony usecase - to set the system time if the system have no RTC

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I was testing chronyd on an embedded system that has no RTC. So the expectation is chronyd should set the system time from any of the source feed and set the system time even if the current system time is set to epoch. As there is no RTC on the system, the system time is always set to epoch on every restart. With this scenario I see chronyd is not setting the system time. After debugging the code, I figured out that valid_sample_time(RCL_Instance instance, struct timeval *tv) function fails because LCL_ReadRawTime() fetches the local time. And in my case this is epoch time and hence the diff is less than 0.


So my question to this forum:  is it possible to use chronyd with any available option that can support the above use-case?



Thanks and Regards,

Bhushan J.


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