[chrony-users] Chrony setup on Raspberry Pi with GPS PPS

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I'm looking for guidance on installing Chrony on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. I have the Ultimate GPS Hat installed that provides PPS on pin 4. I will have only intermittent internet connections, so the PPS should be the primary time source. I want the time adjustment/correction to be immediate after boot up. I don't want a smooth/gradual correction.

Couple of newbie questions (in addition to any general guidance):

1. Does Chrony replace NTP? I assume so, but I haven't found this explicitly stated. If so, instructions on how to disable NTP autostart and enabling Chrony autostart would be helpful.

2. Does PPS support require any special instructions when compiling Chrony? I've seen references to timepps.h. Is this file included with the Chrony source? If not, where can it be found?

3. Examples of chrony.conf with PPS support?

4. After installation, what commands can be run to confirm that PPS is enabled?



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