[chrony-users] chrony-2.0-pre1 released

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The first prerelease for chrony-2.0 is now available.

The sources can be downloaded here:

MD5 and SHA1 sums:
d2e3eab482858e3336e2ceb55087e3e9  chrony-2.0-pre1.tar.gz
7762c7e18ebb8b4fc33449a0ed0d54c45ac2d1c7  chrony-2.0-pre1.tar.gz

Changes since version 1.31:

* Update to NTP version 4 (RFC 5905)
* Add pool directive to specify pool of NTP servers
* Add minsources directive to set required number of selectable sources
* Add minsamples and maxsamples options for all sources
* Add tempcomp configuration with list of points
* Allow unlimited number of NTP sources, refclocks and keys
* Allow unreachable sources to remain selected
* Improve source selection
* Handle offline sources as unreachable
* Open NTP server port only when necessary (client access is allowed by
  allow directive/command, peer or broadcast is configured)
* Change default bindcmdaddress to loopback address
* Change default stratumweight to 0.001
* Update adjtimex synchronisation status
* Use system headers for adjtimex
* Check for memory allocation errors
* Reduce memory usage
* Add configure options to compile without NTP, cmdmon, refclock support
* Extend makestep command to set automatic clock stepping

Bug fixes
* Fix accepting requests from configured sources when acquisitionport
  is equal to server port
* Fix allocation of slots saving replies to authenticated commands

Miroslav Lichvar

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