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On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 10:11:27AM +0200, Dominik Auras wrote:
>  With the new configuration, minsamples = 64 and poll = 6, I observe NP =
> 64 and NR = 3 in the sourcestats output. Is that fine? Chrony reported at
> least once already "no reachable sources". But at that time, I had just
> changed the configuration. After restarting chrony, it now runs for around
> 24 hours like this (NR=3), sync'ed to the GPS.

I think small number of residual runs with same sign (NR) is expected
here. This is why chronyd was dropping samples before. Is the skew
better now?

"no reachable sources" means that the source didn't have new samples
in the last 8 polls, this could be gpsd being stopped or GPS losing

I'm not sure what accuracy do you need in this setup. If the system is
connected to internet, you could use NTP sources to get a better
estimate for the refclock offset value, add them with the noselect
option and see what offset they have in the sourcestats

Getting a GPS with PPS would the best option here :).

Miroslav Lichvar

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