[chrony-users] chrony-1.31-pre1 released

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The first prerelease for chrony-1.31 is now available.

The sources can be downloaded here:

MD5 and SHA1 sums:
49ef0d5c318591e90e99b4c1e35e11f6  chrony-1.31-pre1.tar.gz
fd18ff9f4be52e249bd49d5176fe22bddd15aa13 chrony-1.31-pre1.tar.gz

Changes since version 1.30:

* Support operation in other NTP eras (next era begins in 2036),
  NTP time is mapped to [-50, +86] years around build date by default
* Restore time from driftfile with -s when RTC is missing/unsupported
* Close connected client sockets when not waiting for reply
* Use one client socket with random port when acquisitionport is 0
* Use NTP packets instead of UDP echo for presend
* Don't adjust polling interval when sending fails
* Allow binding to addresses that don't exist yet
* Improve detection of unexpected time jumps

Bug fixes
* Reconnect client sockets for each request to follow changes
  in network configuration automatically
* Restart timer when polling interval is changed on reset

Miroslav Lichvar

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