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The first prerelease for chrony-1.30 is now available. There is a lot
of changes since last release, most of them are new features, tests
for new test suite, improvements and code cleanup, but there are also
some bug fixes. Thanks to all contributors.

The sources can be downloaded here:

MD5 and SHA1 sums:
3df633d4964d7e92f38fac68ef544d84  chrony-1.30-pre1.tar.gz
db88c9e9b9027d1ea6fec6f02006b44d9367855e  chrony-1.30-pre1.tar.gz

Changes since version 1.29.1:

* Add asynchronous name resolving with POSIX threads
* Add PTP hardware clock (PHC) refclock driver
* Add new generic clock driver to slew by adjusting frequency only
  (without kernel PLL or adjtime) and use it on Linux
* Add rtcautotrim directive to trim RTC automatically
* Add hwclockfile directive to share RTC LOCAL/UTC setting with hwclock
* Add maxslewrate directive to set maximum allowed slew rate
* Add maxdispersion option for refclocks
* Add -q/-Q options to set clock/print offset once and exit
* Allow directives to be specified on chronyd command line
* Replace frequency scaling in Linux driver with retaining of tick
* Try to detect unexpected forward time jumps and reset state
* Exit with non-zero code when maxchange limit is reached
* Improve makestep to not start and stop slew unnecessarily
* Change default corrtimeratio to 3.0 to improve frequency error
* Announce leap second only on last day of June and December
* Use separate connected client sockets for each NTP server
* Remove separate NTP implementation used for initstepslew
* Limit maximum minpoll set by KoD RATE to default maxpoll
* Don't send NTP requests with unknown key
* Print warning when source is added with unknown key
* Take leap second in PPS refclock from locked source
* Make reading of RTC for initial trim more reliable
* Add configure option to set default user to drop root privileges
* Add configure option to compile with debug messages
* Print debug messages when -d is used more than once
* Change format of messages written to terminal with -d
* Write fatal messages also to stderr with -n
* Use IP_RECVERR socket option in chronyc to not wait unnecessarily
* Shorten default chronyc timeout for localhost
* Change default hostname in chronyc from localhost to
* Print error message on invalid syntax with all chronyc commands
* Include simulation test suite using clknetsim

Bug fixes
* Fix crash when selecting with multiple preferred sources
* Fix frequency calculation with large frequency offsets
* Fix code writing drift and RTC files to compile correctly
* Fix -4/-6 options in chronyc to not reset hostname set by -h
* Fix refclock sample validation with sub-second polling interval
* Set stratum correctly with non-PPS SOCK refclock and local stratum
* Modify dispersion accounting in refclocks to prevent PPS getting
  stuck with large dispersion and not accepting new samples

Miroslav Lichvar

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