[chrony-users] Discover when a time sync has been performed

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Hi all!

First of all, say hello and thanks to the team for developing great software like Chrony :)

My question is about checking when a time sync has been performed. I'm developing an application where time sync is important. It's running on a Raspberry Pi, so time is not very good kept. When the net connection is started I notify chrony about the sources being online, and the config is set to execute a "makestep" if more than 10secs deviation is found.

But, how may I check if the sycn (makestep) is already done? I've been searching the logs (syslog, tracking, measurements) but don't know what may trigger my "Sync ok!" event. 

Maybe looking at the offset value and setting some threshold, so if it's lower it's ok for the app to continue?

thanks in advance. 


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