[chrony-users] Chrony 1.27-pre1 released

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Chrony 1.27-pre1, the first pre-release of version 1.27, is now

Download the tarball from the "Download" page at

Note that this is a beta release. We would like to see it tested as
widely as possible, but it may not be suitable for production use.

It includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

* Support for stronger keys via NSS or libtomcrypt library
* Support reading leap second data from tz database
* Support for precise clock stepping on Linux
* Make offset corrections smoother on Linux
* Add corrtimeratio and maxchange directives
* Extend tracking, sources and activity reports
* Wait in foreground process until daemon is fully initialized
* Fix crash with slow name resolving
* Fix iburst with jittery sources
* Fix offset stored in rtc data right after trimrtc
* Don't use readonly adjtime on Linux kernels before 2.6.28 
* Changed chronyc protocol, incompatible with older versions

Miroslav Lichvar

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