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On Mon, May 02, 2011 at 09:23:30PM +0200, Harald Krammer wrote:
> Done, it is public available via
> 'git clone'
> I dropped my old workarounds from 1.23-tree and I will see what will
> happen on my tests.


> I am not sure if it usable or not. That are small fixes/workarounds to
> support substation embedded devices.

I think the patch to accept NTPv4 replies could be enabled by default,
no need for a new option. I'll look into it more after 1.25 is

But I'm not sure about the other two options, they really seem
dangerous. Lowering stratum may break loop detection and accepting
time from a packet which says it's unsynchronized looks like a
horrible hack, why is it needed only in the acquire module?

I assume there is no chance to fix the other software instead?

> BTW, the NTP server from one device is still broken and does not work
> properly.  The reason is a failure of test6.
> Source: ntp_core.c
>   /* Test 6 checks that (i) the remote clock is synchronised (ii) the
>      transmit timestamp is not before the time it was synchronized
>      (clearly bogus if it is), and (iii) that it was not synchronised
>      too long ago
>   */

Which of the three conditions fails? Perhaps it's the same problem as
in the acquire module?

Miroslav Lichvar

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