Re: [chrony-users] issues syncing between chrony and ntp

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On Mon, May 09, 2011 at 01:37:04PM -0600, Bauer, Steven J. wrote:
> I think I have tracked the issue down.  Since the host that has the
> refclock on it has multiple ip address configured on it.  (two ipv4
> address and two ipv6 addresses), the ntp on the remote host was not
> liking the fact that chrony was sending packs back with a different
> ip address then what was sent to it as you can see here:
> (2607:f558:1000:12::30 and 2607:f558:1000:12::31 are the same
> machine)

Ah, ok. That certainly is a chrony bug. We'll need to add support
for the in6_pktinfo message.

> I worked around the issue for now by using the bindaddress
> configuration to bind to only one ipv4 address and one ipv6 address.
> The only thing that this breaks is running chronyc and having it
> connect to localhost.

Binding IPv6 address should be enough. With IPv4 it should reply with
the correct address.


Miroslav Lichvar

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