[chrony-users] chrony 1.24-pre1 released

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The first pre-release of version 1.24 is now available.

The sources are here:

MD5 and SHA1 sums:
e1f0d15bc0830f5f6bf80da2d72eb16a  chrony-1.24-pre1.tar.gz
2e265373dd4b73e5b776792f0875ce8123a92b74  chrony-1.24-pre1.tar.gz

Changes since version 1.23:

* Support for reference clocks (SHM, SOCK, PPS drivers)
* IPv6 support
* Linux capabilities support (to drop root privileges)
* Memory locking support on Linux
* Real-time scheduler support on Linux
* Leap second support on Linux
* Support for editline library
* Support for new Linux readonly adjtime
* NTP client support for KoD RATE
* Read kernel timestamps for received NTP packets
* Reply to NTP requests with correct address on multihomed hosts
* Add option to limit client log memory size
* Retry name resolving after temporary failure
* Avoid blocking read in Linux RTC driver
* Support for Linux on S/390 and PowerPC
* Fix various bugs on 64-bit systems
* Fix valgrind errors and compiler warnings
* Improve configure to support common options and variables
* Improve status checking and printing in chronyc
* Return non-zero exit code on errors in chronyc
* Reduce request timeout in chronyc
* Print estimated offset in sourcestats
* Changed chronyc protocol, incompatible with older versions

Miroslav Lichvar

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