Re: [chrony-dev] [PATCH] Privilege Separation - Version 4 - Add helper process

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On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 11:43:19PM +1300, Bryan Christianson wrote:
> Privileged helper that will perform adjtime(), settimeofday(), bind() on
> behalf of chronyd when running as non-root user.
> Changes since version 3
> 1. No need to clear response struct on fatal error for 2nd time
> 2. Return receive error if file descriptor not found in bind operation
> 3. Conditional compilation for adjtime() call in helper
> 4. Close potentially leaked descriptor if invalid port detected in call to bind.
> 5. Add DEBUG messages for request/response
> 6. Clear request memory before use.

Applied. Thanks!

I've made some cosmetic changes in the coding style, function order
and error messages that I thought were not worth requesting another
version. I hope I didn't break anything.

> +
> +    cmsg->cmsg_level = SOL_SOCKET;
> +    cmsg->cmsg_type = SCM_RIGHTS;
> +    cmsg->cmsg_len = CMSG_LEN(sizeof(int));
> +
> +    *((int *)CMSG_DATA(cmsg)) = req->u.bind_sock.sock;

It turned out this triggers a compiler warning about strict aliasing.
I'm not sure how can casting char* to int* be a problem, but I've
replaced it with the code from the previous version of the patch,
which the compiler seems to accept with no warning.

Miroslav Lichvar

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