Re: [chrony-dev] preparing for 1.25-pre1

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I wrote:
> 1) There's a regression which prevents Chrony from building on hppa
> and ia64 due to CHRONY_IOC_ missing from io_linux.h.  I'll upload a
> patch soon.

Miroslav writes:
> Regression since which version?

The regression appeared in 1.24.

> What if we started using <linux/ioctl.h> instead of maintaining our
> own copy of the ioctl macros for every arch?

Good idea.  It appears that they are standardizing those macros anyway.

> Is this about the tracking output? Reference ID is always 32 bits and
> is equal to the source's IP address only for IPv4...

It's confusing as it always has been the source's IP and the dotted-quad
notation makes it look like a valid IPv4 address even when IPv6 is in

> But chronyc knows both refid and IP address (and if it's IPv4 or
> IPv6)...

John Hasler 
Elmwood, WI USA

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