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Hi Christophe,

I am going to talk at our forum tonight about this, hopefully I will have a VM ready for Slitaz by tomorrow.  Would you and the other contributors be opposed to us using a accounting program to track usage?  Also would you like multiple VMs for different services instead of a single large one?


On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 9:50 AM, Christophe Lincoln <pankso@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,

Hi Christian,

> I and the other directors of COSI, the Clarkson Open Source
> Institute, are interested in providing a powerful VM to the Slitaz
> project.  I have used Slitaz for years and think it is the best tiny
> OS out there!  The host has 8 cores and 12GB of ram, of which it is
> using hardly any.  We can also arrange it to have a large amount of
> bandwidth (up to 100Mb/s).  We are wondering what tasks the VM would
> be used for and how it will be managed. The main concern is hosting a
> public system where a community would have full access to it.  We are
> quite curious, this is the first time we have considered lending
> resources to a community besides a mirror.

We need a host for all end users sites such as www, scn, doc, forum
and for our Hg repos. All build task will remain on Tank as well as
contributors personnal file and public dir. To update the wesite, feeds
etc we use cron task and home made scripts, we also monitor the server
like on

On Tank all the contributor have SSH but on the wanted new server we
use online applications such as Wordpress for SCN. Hg only need users
auth via HTTP but no SSH. To maintain the server we will be around 10
contributors with SSH and root access to be able to update sites
software, update the system, etc. Ans it's clear you or an other
peole from COSI will get an account on it to check what we do and maybe

> Christian Mesh (Naitsirhc)

Best regards,
- Christophe

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