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Hi Alexander,

> I successfully cooked liferea 1.7.4, but it needs gtk+ (and atk and
> glib as a dependency chain) bumps.

Well done! We miss a nice graphical feed reader in SliTaz.

> I compiled it with:
> gtk+                    2.19.0            x-window
> glib                    2.24.0            x-window
> atk                     1.30.0            x-window
> 2Pankso:
> Please, upgrade these packages (I'm to scared to do it, cause you are
> their maintaner)

.... best you dont touch these one, ther are main libs a lot of
packages depends on them and must be rebuild and tested before an

That said, I will upgrade GTK and friends to the last stable version
(2.20.0) when the new toolchain and the new Xorg will be redy (GTK is
linked with both). I'm actively working on that at the moment.

> With best regards, Alexander.

- Christophe

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