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Hi jozee and Alexander,

I also suggest to mark the cooked packages or just remove them from the list.

2010/4/6 Claudinei Pereira <contato@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi jozee,
> I added a start cooking date to etherape and ettercap. I can take a
> couple more in the next weeks.
> Hugs.
> 2010/4/6 Rohit Joshi <rj.rohit@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> Hi all,
>> I have created a package list for the community to refer in case one
>> likes to add new packages to SliTaz repos:
>> . The list has about
>> 300 packages that we can aim for 4.0.
>> With about 2300 packages in repos, I was interested in finding out how
>> many more pacakges do we need to meet almost all the requirements for
>> 95% people in the SliTaz Community. So, I did a painful comparison of
>> SliTaz repos with Arch Linux repos. As a result, I have created this
>> cook list. I was expecting about 1000 packages but surprisingly found
>> that 300 packages seems to be adequate. I, however, didn't add many
>> games. So, maybe 100 more pacakges can be added to the list. You are
>> welcome to add your choices.
>> I would like to encourage the community to help in building these
>> packages. If few of you can compile 5 pkgs/month, we can finish the
>> list in few months time. We need community to help us in this because
>> the developers have a lot of extra load of maintaining the repos.
>> If you are on SliTaz, its always useful to learn how to compile
>> packages. SliTaz has a cool build environment. Please read the
>> cookbook and some compiling tips:
>>  if you want to know more.
>> Everyone,  please feel free to edit existing or to add new tips.
>> To coordinate the effort: if you plan to build a package, please
>> update this list :
>> and say "cooking started on DATE". If the package doesnot turn up in
>> repos in 1 month time since the "cooking start DATE", someone else can
>> try to build the same package. This, hopefully, would reduce
>> duplication.  If committed to the hg repos, please remove the package
>> from the cooklist.
>> I welcome you all for suggestions.
>> Thanks
>> Rohit
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