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> I recently ran tazpkg for the first time to download and install a
> package and its dependencies.  One of its dependencies was quite large
> and as I'm on dial-up Internet access, I cancelled the download with
> [Control] & [C].  When I restarted the download, tazpkg attempted to
> install the partially downloaded package.  Of course this failed and I
> understood why, since I'd manually canceled the download.
> I wonder if I have this correct and if so, what might be done to fix
> this behaviour?  I have looked briefly at tazpkg's code and believe
> that an additional check needs to be made before the package is
> installed.  What I don't understand is why wget is not leaving
> incomplete package downloads with the ".part" extension.  If it did,
> it would be quite simple to detect incomplete packages (without using
> MD5 sums) and deal with them promptly.

Yes you right it seems that we need to do an additional check. SliTaz
wget version is from Busybox, the -c option continue retrieval of
aborted transfer, we should use it.

Feel free to post a patch or/and a bug on the new BTS:

> Regards,
> Russell Dickenson (AKA phayz)

- Christophe

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